A time reserved specially for discernment of the young girl’s vocation and an awareness of what that vocation implies. The company accompanies the candidate in this discernment and helps her to make a free and rational choice,while taking care not to influence in her decision.

The first year of the formation stage is known as ‘come &see’. We Daughters of charity gives one year to the candidate to see and experience the consecrated life in the community, just as Jesus said to the people, who liked to follow Him.”COME & SEE”

Candidates from all six states comes together in one community and live together with an appointed mistress who helps them to strengthen their christian faith and discern their call.They are also provided with Church catechism and spoken English classes. After one year of come and see program, the candidate return to their home to decide freely to choose their life &call.

The candidates who decided to follow consecrated life come back after one month of holidays.They are given the chance to study plus two education.During their annual academic holiday candidates are send to home after two days of orientation classes. After the second year’s holiday, Candidates are send for community exposure programs, where they get chance to serve poor directly with the support of the sisters.