The establishment date of community, Mangalore:1 st February 1996

The purpose of the establishment:
In the year 1996, Sr.Mary Louise who was the visitatrix received an invitation from Mrs. Tery vaz who was the secretary of the Cheshire Homes India,Mangalore, expressing that they have their own responsibilities and couldn’t render whole time service except providing food and clothing, and that they will be happy to have the sisters to look after the residents, who are with mentally retarded, orthopedically handicapped, psychosis and Burnout hannsenite. In response to the constant correspondence Sr.Mary Louise took the great effort to see personally and learn the situation in the Cheshire home. She felt that we should respond to the cries of the poor over here. Therefore, she handed over the message to the next visitatrix who continued with the procedures. We received the necessary permission from Bishop Basil D’Souza the Bishop of Mangalore, to render our service in his Diocese at Cheshire Home. Thus, sisters began the service in the Cheshire Home on 1 st February 1996.
What are the services we undertake in the particular community at present:
1. Caring for the differently able persons
2. Family Apostolate.