Inauguration and blessings of St. Vincent’s House, Keralapuram on 1978.The 1st sisters of the house were Sr. Lucy Valliyil, Sr. Panachickal and Sr. Teresa Pottanany arrived on 14/01/78. They were welcomed Fr. Cheriyan. CM, Keralapuram. The house was solemnly inaugurated on 25th Wednesday at 5pm by Rt. Rev. Msgr. Jerome Fernandez Bishop of Quilon. They began tailoring Centre and teacher was appointed from outside. On 5th June 1978, Sr. Ann Muttathil started the nursery school in Keralapuram with 30 children in the class room.
On 1st June 1981 our Nursery School switched on to Malayalam medium. The land brought for the purpose of opening home for the aged and disabled, was registered on 23rd and 30th of Dec 1981. The foundation stone for the home for the aged was laid by Rev. Fr. Cheriyan Kariankal. CM on 8th September 1982. 1986 onwards it was also formation house for Aspirants. On 1st of June 1993 the management of the School was given to the Congregation of the Mission, in view of having the change of medium to upgrade the School.
On 27th of september1985 newly built St. Vincent’s home for aged was blessed by Bishop. Joseph G. Fernandez. Home began with 4 new members. On 7th October 2016 formation for Postulants began under the accompaniment of Sr. Amala Sibbalarajulu.
Following were the Sister servants who lead this house,

  • Sr. Lucy Valliyel
  • Sr. Mary Karimathil
  • Sr. Mary Ullattikulam
  • Sr. Ann Muttathil
  • Sr. Elizabeth Kizhakepuram
  • Sr. Lissy Eluvathingal
  • Sr. Rose Edattu

( Sr. Navya in the Record the house same years updating has not done and so I don’t know whether I have missed the any matter and Sister servants. Modify it )